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Kerrington Shorter in Count the Brave,Count The True by Betty Miller Buttram

Isaiah Moore in Give Them Peace
by Debra Rose

"12 lines...I thought to myself, how will I create an entire world with just 12 lines of dialogue?  And then we did, and I was amazed at its depth and breadth."  Bill Myers, Director

The 172 Project centered on six 12-line scenes written by members of the Black Women Playwrights' Group for the 12@12NOON app.  They explored the experiences of Midwestern, African American soldiers fighting for freedom on foreign soil in World War II.  These soldiers died and were buried in Margraten, Netherlands, liberating Europe, but never returning home.  Director Bill Myers asked the audience to share their thoughts on index cards after each 12-line scene, laying the groundwork for the post-show discussion. The observations and emotional response of audiences in both Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne were astute and moving!  

Kerrington Shorter in Dear Ma by Debbie Minter Jackson.

Kerrington Shorter in Tom Martin, Alabama by Joy Jones.

Isaiah Moore in D-Day Happened by Pamela Armstrong-de Vreeze.

Isaiah Moore in Life, by Pamela Armstrong- de Vreeze.

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Isaiah, Bill, and Kerrington after the discussion.

Contstance Macy, Artistic Director,  PhoenixTheatre Cultural Centre, welcomes our audience!

Isaiah talks with an audience member.

Director Bill Myers and members of the Black Women Playwrights' Group

(l to r) Bill Myers, Pamela Armstrong-de Vreeze, Debbie Minter Jackson, Debra Rose, Joy Jones and Karen Evans.

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