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12@12 NOON

12 Line Wonder

12@12 NOON is a private SMS that delivers
12-line dramatic scenes to a mobile phone or tablet every weekday at 12 noon. Each line is
only 140 characters and the scenes are written by award-winning playwrights.

It’s educational counterpart,

12 LINE WONDER, the educational version of the app, also delivers 12-line dramatic scenes to students on their mobile devices and each scene is accompanied by a lesson plan in the

Teacher Portal, discussion questions, and a quiz. One line of dialogue appears on each screen, and users/students swipe to get to the next line. 


1) SEE a Graphics Screen that conveys the tone of the scene and gives
the time, place, and characters

2) READ one line of literate, compelling dialogue on its own screen

3) EXPLORE content based on curriculum materials, goals, and objectives and

4) WRITE their own 12-line scene inspired by the scene they’ve just read.

The apps are interactive and at the end of each scene, there is a call to action for students and
users to write their own 12-line scene, using the characters and circumstances as a starting

Newest 12@12 Writers

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